Sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective and an expert voice to educate, re-center and motivate – to equip a group with essential knowledge and skills.

Kim brings 20 years of experience as a top-rated facilitator to every organization and team she works with.

Today’s leaders and meeting facilitators must be adept at guiding teams toward consensus, advancing the collective consciousness, while also engaging every individual in the room. This approach requires skill, insight, curiosity, flexibility, vulnerability, and a certain amount of risk. And the rewards are great. Our adaptive and servant facilitation approach starts with safety and trust. You’ll experience an evolution in the way your team, group, or organization communicates with one another and work together.

All organizations have a life cycle, like a living form. When you are part of that system that’s struggling, it can be tough to pinpoint exactly where you need to focus attention. We work with whole organizations, divisions, departments, and teams to assess their organizational health, diagnose what is not working well, and launch an action plan to move to higher levels of performance and productivity.

Through directed individual and group assessments, interviews and activities, we can guide your team through its next evolution. Building better partnerships across divisions and departments revitalizes your commitment, alignment, and retention. Coaching a team can include working privately with individuals as well as the group to stay consistent with the organization’s values and vision while promoting healthy relationships and individual growth through inter and intrapersonal exploration and communication.

Kim led two team building sessions and her professionalism was apparent from the moment she got involved. Her take-charge attitude never let the focus wander and she maintained control while letting the team members feel that they could open up and be heard. Kim has an ability to understand and draw out people’s feelings and concerns even when they try to hold back. Kim is a natural leader, which is demonstrated through her ability to hold the team’s direction, to keep focused, and to pry deeper or move on- depending on the needs of the situation. It was a pleasure working with her through this process.
– Larry , VP, Information Technology, Financial Services Industry

Whether cross-functional or intact teams, individuals capitalize on the collective intelligence in the room to work through business challenges, solve problems, and make decisions. This format mirrors the principles and best practices used by successful executives around the world who engage in forum or peer group experiences.

Through inspirational stories, engaging questions, and educational facts and trends, our keynotes are specific to the personal or professional development goals of your participants.

Sample Keynote Topics

  • The Value of Vulnerability in the Workplace
  • Best Practices from the World’s Best CEO’s: Bringing Forum Principles into Business
  • The Best and Balanced Life

One of the biggest challenges with meetings and retreats is finding the perfect venue for your event. It can also be tough to find the right facilitator for your group. Our all-inclusive solution combines an expert facilitator and beautiful private retreat location for groups up to 12 people. Conveniently located on the beautiful Delaware Shore, you’ll enjoy oceanfront privacy, yet be walking distance to wonderful restaurants, shops, nightlife, and activities. Spacious meeting rooms and recreational activities round out our time together.

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Kim is a master facilitator. She has a dynamic presence and knows how to simultaneously challenge and support participants. She is particularly skilled at helping people explore the emotional domain while maintaining a safe and inviting environment.

– Rae Ringel, Director, Certificate of Facilitation and Design, Georgetown University