Most top CEO’s, athletes, and community leaders have a coach. How do you think they became so successful, and how do you think they stay on top? All executives and leaders, whether new or established, face professional challenges that can get in the way of great results.

Our leadership services are designed to optimize strategic thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving that will help you advance your skills, career, and organization. We look at the whole person, where there is synergy inside and out of the workplace, as well as internally and externally to ourselves.

Private coaching sessions provide guidance, exploration, feedback, exercises, and a sounding board focused on your vision and goals, targeted skill areas, real-time challenges, and evolutionary growth.

Unique to our clients, we offer our signature Coach in Motion service. To balance and align the mind and body, clients can combine coaching “talk time” with movement or exercise outside of the traditional meeting space to promote well-being, enhance your physical health, and make your inner self more productive. We often utilize nature to connect with what really matters most, as well as capitalize on the ultimate environment for stress relief, peace of mind, and being present.

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My life has gotten better because I have acknowledged the problems with not having the proper balance between work/recreation and have taken steps to re-calibrate my schedule and interactions. Kim’s listening abilities, pressing questions, and accountabilities helped me to build a road map to achieve sustainable, long-term accomplishments. Most importantly, [Kim] didn’t pull any punches with me.

– Richard, Insurance Industry