Young Presidents Organization (YPO) is a global organization with more than 25,000 top business leaders who are “committed to lifelong learning and idea exchange.“ YPO’s signature program is forum, a safe haven for CEOs to provide and receive insight and perspective from trusted peers in a highly confidential, supportive, and productive setting.

As a top-rated YPO Certified Forum Facilitator and Global Education Resource, Kim has been a trusted advocate for leaders, partners, and families since 2002. In addition to delivering powerful forum experiences, she works with Regions, Chapters, and Networks to deliver high-impact growth and development workshops.

Below is a sample of programs Kim delivers for YPO:

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Kim clicked with our group, was very open and trusting and got us to open up, which showed us that we had room to “grow”. She also led us very well in our discussions and kept us on track, which was good because our group tends to veer off track a lot.

– Virginia, YPO Member