Whether we’re with you in person or facilitating virtually, we use a collaborative process that ignites exploration and action, leading to significant and sustainable change.

A person can enter, exit, or relapse at any stage of the Growth Process.

Awakening:  Ignited need or desire for change or disruption, assessing

Reckoning:  Exploring our story, what matters, what’s missing

Motivation:  What’s next, visioning, discovery

Preparation:  Defining goals, roadmap, planning

Action:  Commitments, accountabilities, benchmarks, evaluation, refinement

Maintenance / Unconscious:  Performing well or without agitation

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I no longer feel such angst to have a goal with only one outcome and one way to get there. This has made a big difference in the way I approach life, relationships and work. I am confident like never before in my ability to start a new business.

– Krys, Entrepreneur