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Is Your Inner Goalie Keeping You From Scoring?

Last night I was watching the Washington Capitals try to score on the opposing goalie with little success. It seemed it wasn’t just that the goalie was good at blocking the shots, but that the offense didn’t have the drive that said “we want this.” How true that is with so many people. Sure, there are external blockers that prevent us from scoring the goal, but how bad did we really want it? Did we truly give it our all, or was the goalie in our head blocking better than the one in front of you?

Sure, there can be legitimate reasons for not succeeding, but seldom do we admit, or even recognize, that the internal drive just isn’t there. So let’s look at three prominent blockers that activate our inner goalie:

  • Time limitations
  •  Choices
  •  Fear

Blocker #1: Time Limitations
Beneath the almost universal complaint that there just isn’t enough time is the universal truth – we control our time. ‘No time’ is the best-worst excuse, always. If you are truly motivated, and your goals have a realistic timeline and deadline, then you can plan accordingly and your chance of success is much higher. What adjustments can you make to your calendar to make this time commitment sacred?

Blocker #2: Choices
Sometimes we make decisions with a lot of thought, other times not so much. When you pause to reflect on your actions, you can recalibrate your choices. Many people find success in doing this through a mindful, intentional practice. A great business coach once said, “If you look at what you’re doing instead of what you want to do, it is pretty clear what you’re committed to.” How conscious are your decisions? Are your choices congruent with your goals?

Blocker #3: Fear
We set goals for a purpose, but do we contemplate what the desired results may actually bring? As exciting and rewarding as the goal may seem, it can bring about change, which often causes fear since it disrupts status quo. Fear could also show up in the let-down of “now what?” when the goal has been achieved. Just asking yourself what the fear is about will diffuse its power over you.  So, what’s your fear?

It’s time to recruit your coach, not your goalie, when you are blocking your own success. How do you block your own goal? What is your next play?

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